Hair’s to no knots

Knots in your hair can be very annoying and sore to get out but help is at hand.

SoHo Hair has invented 3 ingenious products that take care of your scalp and hair health as part of your normal, everyday routine. The Irish-owned SoHo Haircare was launched in May 2021 by hair loss specialist and award-winning salon owner Anita Hughes.

Passionate about promoting the message that a healthy scalp means healthy hair, Anita was inspired to create a range of affordable, everyday products that protect and promote natural hair and scalp vitality without the need to add extra tools or steps into your routine.

The award-winning Hook Shower Brush (RRP €14.95)has been ergonomically designed to alleviate the risk of pulling, tugging and hair breakage. The powerful, durable nature of the bristles means that less force is required during usage, reducing the risk of split ends and flyaway hairs. It takes care of your scalp by increasing blood flow to the roots, nourishing the hair follicle to promote strong, healthy hair growth.

It distributes conditioner and haircare products evenly across wet hair, minimising knots and tangles to make drying and styling quicker, easier and pain free.

Packaged in a beautiful white velvet pouch, the SoHo Supreme Duo (RRP €24.95) makes smoothing, detangling and achieving Hollywood glam or boho beach babe waves a total breeze.

The SoHo Supreme Styler features an innovative aluminium plated curved head with EcoVent Technology designed to smooth the hair’s cuticle, reduce breakage, and optimise air flow for a faster, longer lasting blow-dry.

With a design that combines the finest natural boar bristles and nylon ball tip to prevent snagging of natural hair and extensions, the brushing action invigorates the scalp and evenly distributes its natural oils, giving you smooth, shiny locks in the process. And to top off this terrific duo, The Soho Waver Comb is an absolute must-have styling tool to give tousled or s-shaped waves that extra finesse. See