Oil do it

It’s always an added bonus when our hair care smells lovely and this oil sure does.

Haircare, skincare and supplement brand Annutri has recently launched Grow It Scalp Oil (RRP €35), a formulation infused with active, natural ingredients, made in Ireland.

It contains a blend of 5 ayurvedic oils while its dreamy, luxurious scent contains notes of lavender, rose geranium, bergamot, sweet orange, frankincense and juniper berry to aid with stress relief, sleep and relaxation.

Simply apply and massage into the scalp, letting the aromas calm your mind and soul – all the while helping you to create the luscious locks of your dreams.

Hair oils are suitable for all hair and scalp types and hair textures. Get the most benefit from Grow It Scalp Oil by applying it to your hair during your night-time routine and leaving it to work overnight.