What's trending for spring and summer?

I keep feeling like we are coming towards the end of January and then I’m completely surprised when we are in fact merely at the midway point.

I’m a January fan but even I have been craving the end of the month if only for that glorious payday after what feels like your bank account has been hovering in the danger zone for the longest time.

I have to say it makes my no spend/no boozing for the month all the easier when you don’t have the cash to splash and I have been more than tempted a few times to just go wild and spend my Christmas money especially when the new season is slowly trickling into stores.

However I’m going to wait and treat myself to something good as a birthday present to myself as I enter a new decade in March. I’m currently researching some items I may like and a fabulous piece of jewellery or a new handbag are top of my list. My search continues for the perfect day bag and the perfect pinkie ring so I’m definitely on the lookout and hoping to cross those off my wish list. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Aside from that, I’ve been having a look at the S/S 23 trends not even for my own shopping list but more to see what’s going to be around and to get inspired for the season ahead. So many designers focused on wearable, interesting clothes that are easy to wear and will serve your wardrobe well for many seasons.

I’m loving this move and I feel like we all need to be investing in pieces that we know we will get the wear out of. It’s not all practicality though and alongside the investment, capsule wardrobe pieces are the fun, ‘80s inspired looks that us maximalists all love.

There was also a big emphasis on the cyclical nature of fashion and many of this seasons trends take inspiration and are a continuation of the previous ensuring a smooth transition within your wardrobe.

The ‘90s minimalism of last seaon for example is pared back further with a nod to the Y2k trends which I personally was a teen/20 something year old so I struggle with this slightly, but maxi skirts and oversized tailoring feature heavily here if you are so inclined and not triggered.

One of my favourite trends is metallics and rejoice it’s another one making it’s way into the spring. I’m delighted and have always thought that a metallic is year round and not just for Christmas.

If you can’t bear a sequin past January then go for a lame material and focus more on slinky shimmer than full on bling.

Demin or white shirts look fabulous with silver and can be dressed up with a sling back and down with some trainers. Speaking of denim, it’s also a key look for spring but with a focus on the more laid back and relaxed variety.

Slouchy or wide leg denim are a must even though I struggle to go bigger than a straight leg or a flare. I’m still traumatised by wearing baggy jeans to college in the rain and trailing wet ends after me for the day. If I go baggy these days, it will only be with a well heeled boot and on the driest of days!