Finding a partner can take work but the rewards are great too. Photo: Blib Blub

Top tips on finding a partner

If you are single and you’d like to find someone, make 2023 the year this happens.

It’s unlikely to happen just by wishing for it. But it can happen if you are purposeful, determined and ready to take action.

Let’s imagine you’d like to be in a relationship in 12 months time. If you are extremely lucky, you might just bump into someone by chance and hit it off.

A much better strategy would be to plan to meet 2 people per month which would give you a high chance of connecting with someone you really like. So how are you going to do that?

You need to put yourself in a position to connect with more people. Chances are you’re not meeting many new people in the course of your everyday life.

So you’ve got to widen your social circles. There are lots of ways to do this but it takes work.

Here are 2 ideas: Join a new club where you can meet people who have shared interests as you; and/or volunteer doing something that benefits others.

Just these two ideas take time and effort – but your goal is to connect with people who you haven’t met yet.

You could also join a singles group like Heavenly Partners – where you’ll be connected with other single people also looking to meet new people. This does have a financial outlay but you will get connected with the right sort of people rapidly.

So let’s imagine you’ve taken up all 3 suggestions. You’re coming into contact with lots of new people. That’s a great first step.

Now you need to be proactive in connecting with people. This might take you out of your comfort zone. You want to find that special someone to be in a relationship with.

So connect with people as much as you can. Be the first to strike up a conversation.

Try to have a conversation with someone new every day. Just think – if you did that every day for 3 months that’d be 90 new contacts you’ve have made – and it’s likely that some of these would lead to you wanting to take the conversation further – resulting in your 2 meetings (say for coffee) a month.

The key with whatever method you use for meeting new people is to stick at it, and try your hardest not to judge the new people you are connecting with before you’ve had a couple of ‘connections’ with them.

If your desire it to meet someone then it’s time for hard work – but its work that has rich rewards.

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