Coral Calm

Nail your me time

If you’re looking for some ‘me time’ this month, starting with your nails is easy.

With Sally Hansen’s good.kind.pure. nail colour and care, formulated with plant-based, 100% vegan ingredients, you can take care of yourself while taking care of the planet.

The collection of nature-inspired shades have the perfect colours for the new season, along with a clear top coat and vegan nail hardener. Good. kind. pure. offers beautiful colour and shine without compromise.

Sally Hansen’s good. kind. pure. Collection (RRP €10.99 each) is available in pharmacies nationwide and comes in an array of colours like Rose Petal, Sweet Berries, Crystal Blue, Coral Calm and Light Lychee.

For best results, begin with the new Sally Hansen good.kind.pure all natural hardener, which improves the look of ridges and seals fragile nails delivering nothing but colour onto the nails.

Then apply 2 coats of your favourite Sally Hansen good. kind. pure. colour and then finish with 1 coat of the good. kind. pure. Top Coat.

The Top Coat provides longer wear and protects your favourite natural shade for longer gloss and shine.