Time to glow

As I ran the razor over my legs at the weekend, I realised it was nearly time to bring back tanning Thursday.

The evenings are getting brighter and it'll be time to maybe ditch the boots and tights and perhaps add a layer of tan. Now if you are not a fan of the darker tans then may I suggest going gradual? Tanning has evolved for the face also, with mists and serums being the choice of skin experts to avoid blackheads.


Bondi Sands have just released 2 new ones that are perfect for building a base. Tinted perfector gradual lotion (€17.99). Experience the perfect combination of instant and long-lasting glowing skin with Bondi Sands’ Tinted Skin Perfector Gradual Tanning Lotion, containing bronzing pigments to instantly blur skin and perfect complexions upon application. A perfect addition to your tanning regime, the Tinted Skin Perfector will leave you sun kissed while keeping your skin hydrated and nourished.

Bondi Sands Skin illuminator gradual lotion (€17.99) is formulated with shimmer pigments for instant skin radiance and low-level tanning activities for everyday glowing skin. The best combination to achieve a beautiful and luminous complexion. The new go-to product to leave your skin nourished and glowing with each application!


If you aren’t a gradual person, then maybe you could enjoy something with a bit more colour. Mousse or liquid is down to personal preference with a mousse drying that bit quicker but usually takes overnight to develop.

Liquid is perfect for all occasions and usually the guide colour is a little lighter so you can wear it out immediately.

I have chosen two Irish brands to feature for the glam section as they are honestly incredible.

Bellamianta’s Dark Tanning Mousse (€25) formulation is packed with natural, skin loving ingredients to hydrate, plump, protect and even skin tone. Suitable for all skin types, it contains ingredients like mango, papaya, goji berry and pomegranate extract. It contains vitamins A, B and C to condition and protect skin and of course hyaluronic acid to hydrates, plumps and protects skin.

AyuGlo Self Tanning Liquid (€23.50) is easy to use and fast drying. It is packed with skin loving ingredients, including vitamin E and truffle extract making it suitable for all skin types.

With a natural guide colour, this luxurious liquid has excellent antioxidant properties which work to hydrate and nourish the skin, ensuring easy application and that the tan wears off evenly.

I have found that I can wear this tan without showering it off too as the guide colour is so nice. I can also say that reapplication is a dream.


St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Tan Tonic Drops (€35) is a multi-tasking supercharged concentrate that will give your skincare program the boost it needs. You may glow with confidence by simply using a few drops directly to skin or diluting with your moisturiser or serum morning or night for the ultimate complexion booster, thanks to the latest in superior tanning technology and high performing natural skincare components.

I like to bring them down my neck too as I find that regular tan can look ageing on my neck.

The fact that you add to your existing regimen means that you can choose the level of glow you are ready for. I like to apply it still with a brush for a buffed look.