Contemporary creations!

An exquisite piece of jewellery makes for the perfect gift because it is synonymous with elegance and beauty.

That’s the sentiment of those behind the Dylan Oaks brand who said its timeless yet modern jewellery offers a stylish, sentimental symbol of love and appreciation.

From their bestselling, customisable Letter Bar Necklaces to personalised heart shaped pendants from their Amo collection, that special person will be thrilled with a bespoke, keepsake piece that is etched with a message they’ll carry with them every day, reminding them of the people they love the most in the world.

Dylan Oaks was founded in 2020 by jewellers and partners John McAnenly and Laura Sherry. What started as a humble team of 2 has now grown into a thriving business, with a passionate and driven team of 28 people servicing customers from all over the world.

Creating contemporary, meaningful jewellery through the customisation of eye-catching, staple pieces are at the heart of their brand.