Healthy hair is a summer essential

Healthy luscious hair is one of the most desirable looks for the summer. Not all hair is the same though, with some hair needing a very specific type of hair care. Lately there has been a plethora of new and reformulated products launched for hair.

For curls

Developed by Denise Walsh, the hairdresser and curly queen recently launched a new range called Curly Co. Keep your curls defined for longer with the super lightweight Curly Co Defining Mousse (€22.99). It locks in moisture giving you more bounce, strength and thickness. Curly Defining Shampoo (€15.50) is a creamy and nourishing shampoo that will gently cleanse, detangle and strengthen your curls giving them moisture, definition and bounce. It conditions and strengthens your locks whilst enhancing your glossy shine. It invigorates your scalp with nourishing & refreshing orange oil. The Curly Defining Conditioner (€15.50) is the secret to silky-soft curls as it’s an ultra-nourishing, curl-enhancing daily conditioner. Let’s bring back those smooth, glossy, bouncy curls! Curly Defining Cream (€24.99) is a must-have enhancer for your curls. It’s has a rich but exceptionally light texture, giving the nourishment curls need. There is also a gel and mask in this collection.

For all hair types

Hush & Hush is a problem and solution-based line of luxury beauty and wellness products with each product targeting a specific beauty-related concern to limit the signs of ageing from a 360° approach.

The new DeeplyRooted Shampoo Exfoliating Hair Cleanser (€38) gently cleanses while exfoliating the scalp and is perfect for strengthening thin, brittle, and ageing hair. Capisoothe rebalances the ecology of the scalp, in turn reducing scalp dryness, itching and flaking while KeraGuard protects the strands against pollution-induced oxidative protein damage.

Its conditioner, the Intense Nourishing Hydrator (€45), is a beautifully hydrating cream, infused with olive oil bursting lipobeads. It repairs damaged strands and deeply moisturises for ultra-soft shiny hair.

The DeeplyRooted Serum Cellular Restoring Treatment (€78) improves follicle regeneration, revitalises thin ageing hair and reduces shedding. This new wonder serum has more active ingredients than any other hair serum on the market.

For new mums

Hair Health Essentials, the new eco-luxe Irish haircare brand has officially launched its inaugural range, New Mom Hair Growth Accelerating Collection, dedicated to replenishing hair and scalp postpartum.

The 100% natural and vegan haircare range with Damask Rose offers a nourishing shampoo and conditioner designed to promote healthy, strong, and beautiful hair. Founded by Certified trichologist Clare Devereux.

On average, we naturally shed between 80-100 hairs per day. During pregnancy, hair goes into a holding phase due to a change in hormones, resulting in no hair fall, which results in thick luscious hair during pregnancy.

The haircare range includes a shampoo (RRP €33) and conditioner (RRP €33), which are made using 100% natural premium vegan ingredients.

The accessible range

The Aveeno Scalp Soothing Haircare range includes six blends, each featuring a shampoo and conditioner duo that is pH balanced and sulphate free and features a unique combination of carefully blended botanical ingredients to help target different hair types and needs. The new-look Aveeno Scalp Soothing Haircare range is available in supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide, retailing at €8.99 RRP each.

The Daily Moisture+ Oat Milk blend for dry hair gently cleanses and helps moisturise dry, damaged hair. It is clinically proven to soothe the scalp with each wash.

The Volumising+ Fresh Greens blend for fine hair has been proven to soothe the scalp and helps fine, thin hair to appear thicker.

The Colour Protect+ Blackberry & Quinoa blend for colour treated hair is clinically proven to soothe the scalp, gently cleansing hair, preventing breakage and colour fade over time. Hair colour is left protected and vibrant wash after wash.

The Smoothing+ Rose Water & Chamomile blend for frizzy and flyaway hair gently cleanses and weightlessly moisturises dry hair.

The Damage Repair+ Almond Oil blend intensely hydrates and smooths damaged hair. Hair is left looking and feeling soft, shiny, and visibly healthy.

The Clarify & Shine+ Apple Cider Vinegar blend is for all hair types and gently clarifies hair congested from product build-up and enhances its shine. Hair is left hydrated and healthy-looking with a natural, glossy shine wash after wash.