You glow girl!

By Marguerite Kiely

Looking to up your tan game? Achieve a flawless summer glow with Bellamianta's new Concentrated Tan Booster Drops. Mix these drops with your favourite skincare or tanning products for a radiant and bronzed look.

With the mercury rising, it's easy to incorporate the product into your routine. Customise your tan by adding a few drops to your skincare products. With the inclusion of DHA, they will provide a natural-looking and long-lasting tan.

What sets Bellamianta's Tan Booster Drops (RRP €43) apart is their skincare-focused approach. They use hyaluronic acid to enhance your skin's moisture levels. The formula also includes panthenol for intense hydration, niacinamide to improve uneven skin tone and enlarged pores, and antioxidants to combat signs of ageing.

The best part? You have control over your tanning results. Adjust the number of drops used to achieve your desired look, whether it's a subtle sun-kissed glow or a deep bronze shade.