Make a note to achieve a radiant look!

With the warm weather of summer upon us, it's time to make some changes in our make up routine.

Say goodbye to heavy foundations and hello to a fresh, dewy complexion with the Note Cosmetique’s BB Range.

The Note BB cream (€11.95) combines skincare benefits with make-up coverage.

Its smooth, rich pigmented formula provides high coverage while remaining soft on the skin.

Instantly hydrating and working over time, the treatment ingredients even out skin tone and fade dark spots.

To conceal those pesky dark circles, turn to the Note BB Concealer (€13.95).

This gorgeous, silky smooth formula effortlessly glides on, providing ideal coverage while moisturising and protecting the delicate under-eye area.

It not only erases dark circles and imperfections but also gives a natural glow to the eye contour.

But the BB Range doesn't stop at the face.

It extends to your lips too.

Enter the Note BB Lip Corrector (€8.95). This is a lip product that goes beyond mere colour.

Its formula delivers moisture and nourishment while boosting collagen production for fuller, more youthful lips.