Pictured at Cork Pride parade last year was Nick Lynch. Photo: Cathal Noonan

Pride matters

It's been disappointing to read recently about the low level of public funding that Cork Pride receive.

Cork Pride is a thriving, positive, progressive and fun festival.

This year's Cork LGBT+ Pride Festival runs from 30 July to 6 August and the theme for this year’s is ‘30 Years On...’, marking the 30 year anniversary of the 1993 decriminalisation of homosexuality in Irish law.

It’s one of Ireland’s most important events for the LGBT+ community.

The organisers of Cork Pride say there's no hard feeling with the companies that are pulling out as those companies might be feeling the pinch themselves.

Their issue is that the funding is so minimal from Cork City Council and Cork County Council. They say their slice of the pie is not proportionate to other festivals throughout the year and it seems like they do have a point.

Socialist Party TD Mick Barry raised the issue of Cork Pride's funding crisis in the Dáil on Tuesday afternoon. He wants public funding to be used to boost funding.

He pointed out that €160,000 is provided to Dublin Pride by Dublin City Council while there is reported to be only €8,000 given to Cork Pride from both Cork City Council and Cork County Council this year.

He said: “Cork Pride is a hugely important event in the life of the city. We have seen a backlash against the LGBTQ+ community this year with a rise in attacks and a campaign to censor books in our library.

“It is more important than ever that we have a strong and successful Pride this year. The public sector needs to step up to the mark and do the right thing here.”

This year’s Pride might be the most important one in years given the current climate. In April 2022 two gay men were murdered in Sligo in separate attacks. Vigils were held all over the country including in Cork in the aftermath.

There are protests at libraries because of LGBTQ+ books and there seem to be more attacks on people.

Cork Pride is more important than ever sadly.