Sonas Bathrooms’ Comino freestanding bath with custom colour matt black and Malmo flo.

Black is back in bathroom design these days

Michael Olney

Demand for the colour black in bathroom design has doubled since 2020 according to one of the country’s leading bathroom furniture providers.

In recent years, Sonas Bathrooms has noted a shift towards embracing colour in bathroom design, moving away from the traditional white fixtures. Among the colours that have gained significant popularity, black has emerged as a dominant and enduring choice within interior design due to its simplicity, timeless appeal, and elegance.

Reflecting the growing demand for black products, Sonas has seen an increase in demand of over 100% since 2020 across various product categories, including shower enclosures, brassware, accessories, and sanitaryware.

Anne-Marie Craig, Sonas Nationwide Showroom Designer, shared her thoughts on incorporating black in bathroom design: “I love working with black and creating monochrome spaces in my designs. It's a simple yet incredibly effective choice. Some people worry that the absence of colour might make the space feel cold or clinical, but in reality, it creates a restful and tranquil atmosphere."

In the latest addition to the ever-popular Scandinavian collection exclusive to Sonas, black takes centre stage. Its versatile tone allows for endless possibilities when reimagining and designing the perfect bathroom. This strong and independent colour can be seamlessly mixed with various fixtures in different finishes, including chrome, brushed gold, and brushed nickel.

With the right lighting and accent colours, incorporating black elements in a bathroom can instantly transform the space into an elegant design that feels modern, sleek, and clean.

Anne-Marie continued: "As a designer, it's such a versatile colour to work with. I believe it captures the essence of Scandinavian design, as the final result is minimal and clean. I really believe the resurgence of black in bathroom design is a testament to its enduring appeal and its ability to stand the test of time.”

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