Candle with care

A multi-sensory musical experience lit entirely by candle light is coming to Leeside this autumn, having already fanned the flames of musical enlightenment in over 100 cities worldwide.

Fever, a leading global live entertainment discovery platform, brings the Candlelight Concerts to Cork from this October, starting with shows in St Peter's on North Main Street.

The series, which has attracted over 3 million audience members worldwide, will get under way with concerts in tribute to the likes of Coldplay, Hans Zimmer's, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and plenty more.

The performances will see St Peter's illuminated by thousands of candles, showing the iconic venue in a way it’s never been seen before while allowing viewers to become fully immersed in the music.

Candlelight Concerts were created with an aim to democratise access to culture by allowing people all over the world to enjoy live music performances played by local musicians in various stunning locations, illuminated with the natural, mesmerising light of a sea of a thousand dancing flames.

The series was initially conceived as a classical music series with concerts featuring works from the greatest composers, such as Vivaldi, Mozart, and Chopin. Now, the ever-growing list of programmes includes a wide variety of themes and genres, including tributes to contemporary artists like Queen, ABBA, Coldplay, and Ed Sheeran, as well as shows dedicated to K-Pop, and movie soundtracks. The multi-sensory experience has also evolved to feature different elements, such as ballet dancers or aerial performers, as well as other genres, such as jazz, soul, opera, and flamenco.

Performing the concerts will be Dublin’s renowned Castle String Quartet, a contemporary group of players who have worked with artists including U2, The Frames, The Corrs, Glen Hansard, Michael Bublé, Puff Daddy, Josh Groban, Kanye West, and the Three Irish Tenors.

The Candlelight Concerts series gets underway on 6 October in Cork and is set to run into the new year, with more dates and venues available at