Guitarist and composer Max Zaska will perform his latest body of work in Triskel next month.

Collaboration to the Max

The show, ‘A Soulful Alliance’, will be performed at Triskel Arts Centre on 15 September as part of Max’s WRITE RECORD PERFORM residency with Triskel Arts Centre and Improvised Music Company.

Max will be joined by Gemma Dunleavy, shiv, Melina Malone, and jarjarjr on the night for a live performance and recording of the music they created together during Max's time in Cork.

Max Zaska is a guitarist, songwriter, musical director, and producer best known for his feel-good blend of modern funk, neo-soul, and indie jazz.

With his band, Max brings his original songs to life through collaborations with many of Ireland’s rising stars, beginning with his first vocalist, Hozier. His critically acclaimed debut album, ‘It Takes A Village’, features over 25 performers including Wyvern Lingo and Loah.

His latest project is grounded in jazz and blended with soul, R&B, hip-hop, and pop, with collaboration at its heart as always.

Max says: “This project began in writing sessions with Gemma Dunleavy, shiv, and Melina Malone in Paris in 2022. The addition of jarjarjr to the project this year takes the work in new directions, capturing the spark and sound of each of these up-and-coming artists.”

The WRITE RECORD PERFORM residency provides a professional musician working in jazz or creative improvised music with dedicated time, space, and budget to develop a new musical concept in a holistic way.

Max continues: “The work that will come out of this programme will not only benefit me, but four other songwriters in collaboration. The new music we create, record, and perform will have a long-lasting effect on all of our careers as artists.”

The new work will be performed live with a full band at Triskel Arts Centre on 15 September at 8pm. Tickets are €20/€18 and are on sale now from