Create strong foundations

As we age, our skincare needs evolve, and this includes makeup routines. Foundation plays a crucial role in enhancing the natural beauty of older skin. Foundation for mature skin is all about achieving a radiant appearance while addressing the concerns that come with age.

One key consideration is hydration. As skin tends to become drier over time, opting for a hydrating foundation formula is essential. Look for foundations that contain moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid or glycerin to keep the skin nourished. One of our favourites is Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, (€53) which is a star performer for mature skin.

SPF protection is always worth considering. Sun protection remains crucial as we age, as UV rays can exacerbate signs of aging. Many foundations now include SPF, providing an added layer of defence against sun damage.

Another important aspect is texture. Mature skin might have fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven texture. Choosing a foundation with a lightweight and buildable texture can provide coverage without settling into these lines, creating a smoother and more natural finish. No7 Restore & Renew Serum Foundation from Boots (€27.95) can be layered beautifully. Lastly, choose a foundation shade that complements your skin tone. It's a common misconception that lighter shades are the best choice as we age. In reality, matching your foundation to your natural skin tone is crucial for a polished and harmonious look.