Double up on your skin defence for autumn

A seven day serum treatment using 10 per cent pure vitamin C powder and 5 per cent serum, the product is mixed and used daily for seven days. This helps to ramp up the radiance. With its multiple benefits, vitamin C is a superstar of vitamins. As well as being a true antioxidant and targeting dark spots, it is also known for boosting radiance and brightening up even the dullest of complexions. To completely restore radiance, Beauty Flash Cure combines: Pure vitamin C is particularly powerful, but it is also very unstable: when it comes into contact with light, heat and oxygen, it loses its effectiveness. Thanks to the fresh-mix bottle, a technical masterpiece from Clarins Laboratories, it remains isolated. It only mixes with the vitamin C derivative upon application, forming a new, freshly activated vitamin C complex capable of instantly reviving the skin’s radiance with lasting results. Skin is more beautiful, more luminous and more radiant.

Antioxidants supercharge your sunscreen by ensuring maximum UV protection and minimising the visible signs of premature ageing. Ultraceuticals Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex is designed to enhance the effectiveness of your daily SPF protection. Most people know that they should use sunscreen to reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature skin ageing, but there’s an SPF-enhancing secret weapon that’s often overlooked, antioxidants. The Ultraceuticals Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex (RRP €62) is formulated with a powerful complex of antioxidants, including silymarin, provitamin C, vitamin E and ferulic acid. This advanced serum is specifically designed to complement your daily SPF protection and provide superior environmental protection against photoaging.

Skin Theøry’s latest addition to the range is a moisturising day cream that is packed with antioxidants, offers UVA/UVB protection and a colour-adapting technology that leaves all skin tones with a luminous glow. The key ingredients are what make this a handbag essential for autumn. Zinc oxide - a physical UV filter as well as titanium dioxide - a mineral UV filter . Resveratrol - a potent antioxidant, works to reduce signs of ageing and increases skin firmness. Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E) - fights free radicals throughout the day.