Crafted comfort

There’s nothing quite like hand-knitted clothing. Each piece is a creation that’s one of a kind. And, of course, the comfort of a great knit never fails to bring a relaxed sense of cosiness, perfect for the inclement Irish weather.

If you are in the market for some really special knitwear, look no further than Miss She Got Knits.

The brand is the brainchild of Karen Birney, who during the pandemic found herself with some unexpected free time and a newfound passion for knitting.

She created her own designs and patterns, and began making custom pieces for friends. Late in 2020, Miss She Got Knots was born.

Each jumper and cardi she crafts is a testament to careful artistry, with every piece hand-knit using premium-quality wool. The wool is selected for its vibrancy, tactile appeal, flexibility, and ethical sourcing.

The result? Knits that are not only beautiful to look at but feel wonderful to wear too.

If you fancy your very own hand-knit creation just in time for autumn, go to