The allure of elopment is becoming an increasingly popular option for couples.

Runaway bride

Not everybody wants to have a big bash on their big day. Research from Chapel of the Flowers, has found eloping has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many couples eloping for a more intimate and private wedding experience.

And according to Google Trends, Irish couples are some of the most interested in elopement worldwide, with only United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand ahead of us. Avoiding family drama, focusing on the bond between the two of you, and opting for a simple, stress-free ceremony is an obvious choice for many.

If you fancy running away with your betrothed, Las Vegas is a hugely popular choice for those tying the knot. Known for its budget-friendly options, as well as its Elvis impersonators and little white chapels, a fun-filled wedding is guaranteed. Other popular spots include New York, Italy and Spain.

However, according to research, Ireland is also a great destination to elope to, ranking fourth in the top places for Americans on the hunt for a backdrop to their nuptials. And really, who could resist? With our awe-inspiring rugged landscapes and rich history filled with majestic castles, the allure of Ireland as a top choice is obvious. Commenting on the study, Chapel of the Flowers CEO Donne Kerestic said: “Between navigating pandemic restrictions and the hassle of planning an elaborate celebration, more couples have been choosing to elope over recent years in order to save themselves time, stress and money.”

And of course, opting to elope can make financial sense. Skipping a large traditional wedding with your great-grandaunt, her cousin and his dog, means saving toward other important life expenses. And you can always throw a big party for friends and family once you get back home, without all the stresses that come with a traditional wedding ceremony!