A Cork city legal firm is offering its expertise to those looking to buy a house.

7 legal tips for buying a house

One of Cork city's most trusted legal firms has put together its top seven tips for buying a house in 2023.

Katherina White Solicitors (KWS), based on Oliver Plunkett Street, has vast experience across a wide range of legal matters including family law and personal injuries.

KWS' top house buying tips are:


"The first thing we would advise is that you would have all your ducks in a row – speak to your mortgage lender as early as possible, even before you’ve found a home. The most common delays in the purchase arise in the lending process."


"Finding the right home is only half the battle - you’ve got to budget for it too! Don’t overlook costs such as solicitor’s fees, stamp duty, and registration fees. Contact your trusted solicitor for a schedule of anticipated costs and outlays at the beginning."


"Location, location, location - it's a cliché but arguably the most important tip. Your home can be decorated but you can never change its location."


"Keep cool, calm and collected when making an offer. Patience is the key."


"Second hand property – buyer beware! When you purchase a second hand property, you do in its current state and condition and at your own risk. Engage a reputable engineer to carry out a structural survey very early in the process."

Planning permission

"Investigate the area and make sure there are no developments that might affect your decision in the long term, such as a pig farm or compulsory purchase orders by the council. You can attend the planning office of your local council and carry out a search yourself or have a search carried out by your engineer or contact your solicitor to get a law searcher to do same."

Contact your trusted solicitor

"Nominate a solicitor you trust - they will guide you through all the paperwork and will be key in your communication with the vendor and auctioneer. The less stress the better, so nominate someone well practiced and trustworthy."