Foot Solutions Cork Director Tony Linehan and Store Manager Christine McCarthy. Photo: Richard Coleman

Keeping Corkonians’ feet happy

It’s been 15 years since Foot Solutions Cork first began designing custom orthotics for the people of Cork and today the business is stronger than ever.

Foot Solutions uses state of the art technology to design orthotics specific to every customer’s particular needs, pairing them expertly with comfortable and stylish footwear.

Today, 80% of Foot Solutions’ business comes from repeat customers, something Store Manager Christine McCarthy said is down to a combination of impeccable customer service and top quality products.

“We sit people down and we get to know them holistically and find out anything that's going on with them,” said Christine.

“Because we are dealing with people of all ages, people coming in with pain and worry, we sit down and give them time and find out exactly what's going on with them.

“Our staff really have great empathy and they get to know the customers so they become very familiar with them. People will come in knowing that they're going to be treated in a certain manner every time.”

All the staff at Foot Solutions Cork are specially trained in shoe construction and fitting and the business has completed a full tech update, bringing in the latest technological systems from Germany.

With this update, Foot Solutions can offer its customers the most advanced foot support available on the market and Christine said customers often feel immediate relief when they try on their new shoes.

“A lot of time they get instant relief, they’re overjoyed with the amount of relief they get from the arch supports.

“We get great return from our customers when they're happy. It's not an in and out situation. It's about getting to know the person, trying to help them, and then when you're successful, there's a great satisfaction, like the man that forgets the stick he came in with when he's going out the door.

“People will hand us their old shoes and say they're never wearing them again!”

Foot Solutions has partnered with some of the most established shoe manufacturers in Europe for many years, with some going right back to the start 15 years ago. It is this level of quality and the range it offers customers that has been the foundation Foot Solutions’ success.

“Every product we have has a place, they all do something different. We never buy a product without knowing who it will help and for what reason. We're not just a shoe shop,” said Christine.