Golf enthusiasts in Cork have an opportunity to tee off into a healthier lifestyle with deals from local clubs.

Keep swinging

Golf is not just a pastime, it's a health investment. Recent research reveals that golfers, on average, enjoy a life that's five years longer than their non-golfing counterparts. A major study even suggests that engaging in golf can help prevent up to 40 major chronic diseases.

What makes golf particularly health-friendly is its holistic impact on the body. Beyond the benefits of walking, the golf swing itself engages arms, legs, back, and abs, all while maintaining a low impact on joints.

Stress reduction, mental alertness, and strong social connections are additional perks, contributing to an overall sense of happiness.

Golf enthusiasts in Cork have an opportunity to tee off into a healthier and happier lifestyle with deals from local clubs. Despite a surge in golf popularity during Covid, there are clubs that still have open slots for new members.

The three golf clubs below have great introductory membership offers that are good value and will keep you healthy too.

Cobh Golf Club:

Cobh Golf Club offers full membership with no joining fee. Operating for three decades, the club remains members-owned, run and managed by passionate golfers.

Seniors (over 65 years): €715 or €63.25 per month

Seniors (over 75 years): €385 or €35.75 per month

Macroom Golf Club:

Established in 1925, Macroom Golf Club is a parkland course, winding along the banks of Sullane, offers golfers a scenic journey through rolling terrain shadowed by the Kerry Mountains.

Special Seniors Membership Rate: €650


Kanturk Golf Club, set against the picturesque backdrop of Mount Hillary and the surrounding countryside, newcomers can benefit from a reduced rate of €400, promising a challenging yet enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels.

Full Membership: €650 per year

New members rate: €400