Skipping Stone Blue is described as a versatile colour that can work in any room in the home.

Don’t skip this gorgeous colour next year

An Irish environmentally conscious paint company has just announced its colour of the year for 2024, a serene blue with hints of green and grey that can make any home a haven of tranquillity.

In a world full of constant change, Kraftsmann Paint’s stunning Skipping Stones Blue reminds us to slow down, take stock, and embrace balance for the coming year.

Kraftsmann founder Joe Meaney said: “This steely blue is meditative and energising like the sea. The green and grey undertones add great depth to the paint. I am confident that this is a really versatile colour and will work in almost all rooms throughout the home.

“Skipping Stones works beautifully with both warm and cool whites as well as natural materials,” he added.

Skipping Stones is just one of an extensive collection of 2,000 colours from Kraftsmann Paint.

They supply an extensive range of 100% water-based, ultra-low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints from leading US paint manufacturer Dunn-Edwards.

Dunn-Edwards has been making paints for over 100 years and are one of the leaders in sustainability and environmental improvements in acrylic paints over the past 50 years.

The company has just launched its exciting hand painted A4 Peel & Stick Colour Swatches to make testing colours on a wall easier and more effective than ever.

“They are such a handy method of testing colours on your walls without ruining your existing paint or facing the wrath of your painter when they realise the amount of samples they have to cover,” said Mr Meaney.

He continued: “If, like us, you like to see how your paint will look in various lighting conditions, then Peel & Stick is the ideal choice as you can move them around the room and their unique backing won’t leave any unsightly marks.”

Peel & Stick is available online in 100 of Kraftsmann’s contemporary colours and 40 historical Irish colours by Clements & Moore at

Kraftsmann Paint offer a full range of interior and exterior wall, trim, woodwork, and masonry paints online via their website

Prices start at €65/US gallon (3.8 litres) for wall paints and €59/US gallon for woodwork paints for any one of 2,000 colours.

They offer a 48 hour delivery service for Cork and all paint is shipped using a proprietary non-spill, no-leak technology to ensure paint arrives at your door exactly as it was packaged at the store.