Getting a home energy upgrade will save you money. Photo Erik McLean

Get the best advice on home energy upgrades

Insulex have been transforming Cork homes since 1994 and offer complete energy upgrades to any home. They specialise in taking old, cold houses, or vacant properties and transforming them into warm, cosy, energy efficient homes.

This is achieved with Insulex’s One Stop Shop service where a suite of energy upgrades are done all at once, so you qualify for maximum grant assistance.

Or you can avail of their individual upgrades services, where you undertake one measure at a time, for example attic insulation or cavity wall insulation.

As an SEAI approved One Stop Shop and SEAI registered contractor, Insulex offers a fully managed solution to take care of the entire process for you. They handle all the paperwork, organisation of contractors, energy assessments, and the One Stop Shop grant application for you, so it makes upgrading your home as hassle free as possible.

If you are considering any home energy upgrades, the most important first step is to get professional advice.

This is key to ensure the right upgrade measures are being installed, that they are done in the right order and with the highest quality products to ensure the success of your project, and to guarantee grant qualification. There are very clear objectives and specific energy value improvements required by the SEAI in order to qualify for grants, and you must get grant approval before any work commences, so getting professional advice in good time is critical.

Insulex offers a comprehensive free consultation service, where they expertly assess your home. They look at key measures such as insulation, ventilation, windows, doors, solar PV and renewable energy heating systems. They also take into consideration any space design changes for future living needs or shifts in lifestyle to develop a clear roadmap to upgrade your home properly.

This way you can explore all the possibilities for your home and create a plan that combines your requirements and budget with the necessary upgrades and available grants.

Every home is different and family requirements vary, so getting professional advice before you begin is key to making the right decisions to guarantee the success of your project, ensure grant qualification and future-proof your home. To book your free consultation with Insulex visit