Plant power

Whether it’s for health, happiness or principled ethics, what’s clear is we are part of a growing global movement that’s not just about the food we consume, but making cruelty-free and sustainable choices when it comes to what we wear and the beauty products we apply. Here are some sustainably conscious brand that are a must have in your makeup bag this year:

Sally Hansen Good.Kind.Pure ( €11.99)

This line of nail products is formulated with plant-based, 100% vegan ingredients including marine algae and sustainable bamboo, as well as a plant-based brush. The range includes a wide assortment of shades inspired by earthy tones and along with a clear top coat.

NUXE sweet Lemon Hand & Nail Cream (€ 10)

NUXE Sweet Lemon Hand & Nail Cream is an organic and vegan moisturising hand cream with a lemon fragrance. Indulge your hands in ultimate softness as the cream's melting texture and delightful fragrance provide intense comfort and protection.

Max Factor Miracle Pure Skin Improving Foundation (€17.99)

Max Factor Miracle Pure is vegan and eco conscious without losing out on quality. Clinically proven to care for your skin while you wear it, with just a drop it plumps your skin, letting your complexion benefit in five ways, with improved radiance, firmness, elasticity, density, and suppleness. The advanced formula is infused with 89% skin-care ingredients and provides 24 hour hydration.