On your marks, get set!

Unless you’re a professional MUA the chances of you needing loads of makeup brushes is slim.

This is why the new luxury brush collection from Irish woman Lisa McGowan caught our eye. It’s a 12 piece set designed alongside Úna Tynan of Blank Canvas Cosmetics. The collection from Lisa McGowan, AKA Lisa's Lust List, has everything you need to create the perfect glam whether it be for a daytime soirée, a night out on the tiles, or even for the school run and daily errands, whatever your day might entail!

Here's what the set includes:


A short, rounded fibre brush to apply cream or liquid foundation. This brush allows you to buff the foundation into your skin, before blending out in circular motions for the perfect canvas.


A large, fluffy fibre brush for use with bronzer.


This large, fluffy slightly pointed brush has been created with perfect powdering in mind.


This perfect concealer brush has large, fluffy, oval fibres, ticking all of the boxes for a seamless blend!


A smaller, tapered brush to add a little more structure, and accentuating your facial features.


An angled brush that fits perfectly onto the curves of your cheekbones.


A small, domed, fan shaped brush. This hits the highest points of the cheekbones for the wow factor.

Eye precision

A flat brush created for perfect placement on the eyelid, and for that under eye detail.


Featuring long, fluffy, fibres for beautiful blending.

Small blend

This brush has smaller, thinner fibres, to blend smaller and more detailed areas.


An innovative creation, this brush features a spoolie on one end, and a tweezers on the other!

Overall blender

A long, fluffy, oval fibre brush for overall blending, large shadow placement or smaller highlighting.