Vive La France!

A country that is renowned for two of my favourite things, wine and skincare, is home to some phenomenal skincare brands.

Renowned for over 30 years of groundbreaking research & development and holding more than 40 patents, Laboratoire NUXE has proudly introduced its latest triumph in skincare innovation – the Nuxuriance Ultra Alfa [3R] range. Boasting an extraordinary feat in anti-ageing, NUXE's Alfa [3R] Technology proves to be more effective than retinol, marking a revolutionary milestone in the beauty industry.

At the heart of Nuxuriance Ultra Alfa [3R], the face care formulas provide comprehensive correction, surpassing the effectiveness of retinol on three powerful levels of action – Resurfacing the skin's surface, Renewing skin activation, and Revitalising skin activity.

Global Anti-Ageing Rich Cream (50ml, €63) is for dry to very dry skin thanks to its even richer texture which provides immediate comfort. Skin is revitalised for 86% of users from the first week.

Global Anti-Ageing Cream SPF 30 (50ml, €63) is a 2-in-1 cream with a double anti-ageing and UVA/UVB protective action thanks to SPF30. It prevents premature skin ageing and plumps and tones the skin according to 91% of users.

Global Anti-Ageing Night Cream (50ml, €63) repairs and regenerates the skin during the night. After 28 days, 80% of users find their skin revitalised. After two months, skin feels firmer by more than 38%.

Meanwhile, this year marks a significant milestone for Clarins as they celebrate 70 years of timeless beauty and skincare innovation. Since their inception, Clarins has remained dedicated to crafting premium skincare solutions that enhance natural beauty and promote skin health.

At the heart of the brand's legacy lies iconic day and night creams, beloved by millions around the globe. Renowned for their exceptional quality and effectiveness, these creams have become synonymous with luxury and indulgence in skincare.

Introducing the Multi-Active Range: Day & Night Solutions tailored to your skin's needs. Our skin, like our lives, follows a rhythm, with different needs during the day and night. Exposed to various aggressions throughout the day, it requires extra energy to function optimally. At night, as we rest, our skin enters a phase of renewal. Understanding and addressing these specific needs, the new Multi-Active Range is designed with effective, targeted ingredients to provide the care your skin craves.

Radiance-Boosting Day Action is infused with teasel extract, the day formula encourages radiant, glowing skin. Teasel extract, known for its revitalising properties, helps your skin combat the effects of daily stressors, leaving you with a luminous complexion that defies fatigue.

Renewing Night Action works as you sleep. The formula with an anti-aging tetrapeptide works tirelessly to renew your skin. This biomimetic peptide replenishes and revitalises, ensuring you wake up to more rested, rejuvenated skin, ready to face a new day with confidence.

Clarins understand that skincare is not just about effectiveness but also about indulging your senses. That's why each texture in the Multi-Active range offers a special sensorial experience. Its Multi-Active Jour features a lightweight, quickly absorbed texture, while Multi-Active Nuit offers a richer, velvety finish for a comforting night-time ritual.

For those with dry skin, we've formulated versions enriched with apricot oil in Multi-Active Jour and cocoa butter in Multi-Active Nuit, providing an extra layer of nourishment and comfort.

The Multi-Active range caters to all skin types. The emulsion for all skin types is light and creamy, with the added benefit of manioc powder for a mattifying effect, ensuring a balanced and comfortable feel.

Discover the Multi-Active range:

· Multi Active Day (All skin types) 50ml €62

· Multi Active Day (Dry skin) 50ml €62

· Multi Active Day (SPF 15) 50ml €62

· Multi Active Day (Fluid) 100ml €62