The classic black tuxedo and tie are a favourite this year.

Ireland tux into another summer

Whether it’s a wedding, a ball, a christening – you name it; finding that perfect suit or tuxedo for this summer’s formal events is crucial for men who really want to look the part.

From those who want to stand out from the crowd to those who prefer the more modest and traditional options, choosing the right suit can be daunting these days with all the options and styles on offer.

Two major trends seem to be emerging right now in Ireland. While one cohort of men are keeping things classic with a traditional black tuxedo and tie, another is going in quite the opposite direction with brilliant white tuxes and dinner jackets. Each is as elegant as the other, although for the men opting for white, watch those red wine splashes as the night goes on! There’s a whole spectrum of blues and creams and greys and much more between the two absolutes, but in terms of 2024 so far, things are looking pretty black and white.

Once you have the colour sorted, the cut and material will likely be your next consideration. This is Ireland, and two things we have a lot of are unpredictable weather and wool! A wool suit can look very stylish and will keep you cosy as you pose for photos outdoors while the material breathes well indoors. Also, unlike the man wearing it, a wool suit will never get wrinkly!

Tweed and cotton are also popular. For those looking for a little opulence, cashmere and silk tuxes are always in demand, offering the height of comfort. Of course, high comfort comes with a high price.

For formal summer occasions where fine weather is expected (or prayed for), linen seems to be the way to go.

When it comes to choosing a cut for a tuxedo, it’s probably best to keep things simple with a timeless James Bond-style shawl lapel. It’s dignified, it oozes character, and it’s versatile, lending itself to a whole range of occasions.

You could also go for a notch lapel which can add a little charm while further increasing the tux’s versatility for future occasions.

One last important note is the fit. You’re looking for that Goldilocks balance of comfort and snugness. You have classic – comfortable, and less constrictive than a slim cut while not being baggy; slim – a snug, more European style fit; and modern – a hybrid of the two.