The Legacy High School Orchestra from Texas, USA will play a free concert in Fitzgerald's Park next Sunday.

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Visiting all the way from Texas in the United States, the Legacy High School Orchestra (LHSO) will be performing a free concert in Fitzgerald’s Park on 9 June at 1pm.

Conducted by Beau Garza, a smaller selection of Legacy High School Orchestra’s 120 members will be performing a range of works and music styles to entertain any audience. From the expected classical music selections to upbeat pop to everything in between, LHSO and Garza aren’t afraid to rock the boat for the sake of enjoying music of all kinds.

A spokesperson for the orchestra said members hope that: “Every student musician from the Legacy Orchestra will leave our school with love and passion for music, and this concert is one more step in that direction.”

Everyone is invited to Fitzgerald’s Park 9 June. The performance starts at 1pm.