Retrofitting your home now would mean no more cold, uncomfortable winters.

From cold to cosy

By retrofitting your home this summer, homeowners can ensure a whole new level of comfort for the coming winter,

While it's tempting to ignore the thought of winter during a warm, sunny summer’s day, the reality remains that if your home is cold and draughty, you are facing yet another winter of high heating bills, persistent discomfort, and feeling pretty miserable in your own home.

One of the most compelling reasons to invest in home energy upgrades is the immediate improvement in your comfort levels and Cork home energy upgrade service Insulex says now is the right time to explore this.

With enhanced heat retention and reduced heat loss, your home can become a sanctuary of warmth, allowing you to actually enjoy the winter season without the constant battle against the cold and wasting money on high heating bills.

Home energy upgrades such as insulation are critical components in reducing heat loss in your home along with fitting energy-efficient windows and high-quality external doors.

These types of upgrades ensure that your heating system works more efficiently, lowering your energy bills and enhancing your overall comfort.

Modern renewable heating systems, such as air to water heat pumps make for a smart investment for both your wallet and the environment, removing your reliance on fossil fuels and reducing your carbon footprint.

However, it is key to mention your home needs to be properly insulated to run a heat pump efficiently and a technical assessment is necessary to determine the suitability.

Then achieving the right balance between air tightness and ventilation is crucial to ensure your home can ‘breathe’ properly and to maintain indoor air quality and comfort.

Every home is different and family requirements vary, so getting professional advice before you begin is key to making the right decisions to guarantee the success of your project, ensure grant qualification, and future-proof your home.

Insulex say that one of the biggest barriers to retrofitting a home is accessing finance and the upfront costs.

However, by leveraging SEAI grants such as the One Stop Shop grant, which is deducted at source (so homeowners pay the net cost of the work) and the recently released low-cost finance being offered by the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland, a warm, cosy home is now within your reach.

The One Stop Shop grant is strategically designed to help homeowners who are ready to undertake a suite of energy upgrades measures all at once allowing them to qualify for the maximum grant assistance. As an approved Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) One Stop Shop provider and registered contractor Insulex takes care of everything for you from the initial home energy assessment to the final installation, taking the hassle out of retrofitting your home.

The team at Insulex will guide you through the entire process, ensuring you receive the maximum grant funding available to upgrade your home to the best possible standard for your budget.

Insulex offers a complete suite of upgrade services, including Insulation, ventilation, window and door upgrades, heat pumps, and solar PV, a fully managed solution including grant application.

As Cork’s trusted experts, since 1994, Insulex specialises in transforming old, cold, and vacant houses into warm, energy-efficient, future-proofed homes.