Rooting for your hair!

Aveeno is getting to the root of the problem, literally!

If it’s strong and healthy looking hair, Aveeno says you need to look to the root.

With six different blends in the Aveeno Scalp Soothing Haircare range, each one combines colloidal oat, which could soothe an itchy, dry and even flaky scalp to keep it cleansed and comfortable.

Each blend is further enriched with botanical ingredients to care for different hair types, so hair looks radiant and feels healthy and nourished right to the tip.

Sulphate free and pH balanced, the range is suitable for sensitive skin and also gentle enough for daily use. There are six shampoo and conditioner duos in the range, to suit every hair type.

According to celebrity hair stylist and scalp expert Trudy Hayes, it is all part of paying it that much needed attention: “When you wash your hair you are cleansing it of everyday build up and products and healthy, clean scalps encourage healthy looking hair growth. By really engaging with your scalp as you cleanse, you are also encouraging blood flow.

“Massaging your scalp encourages blood flow to the follicles which is crucial to stimulate growth.

“Using good products as well as being deliberate but gentle about scalp massage as you cleanse or brush your hair, not only benefits healthy growth but also helps the hair texture.”

Step 1

Start with fingers spread apart and using the pads of fingers (never nails), begin to massage from the hairline and work back in a circular motion towards the crown and down to the nape of the neck.

Start at the front hairline again with fingers apart and work back using zig-zag motions.

Crossing over until you reach the nape of the neck.

Go back to front with fingers in the same position and use a grabbing motion pulling the finger gently but quickly all over the scalp.

This movement invigorates the scalp and encourages blood flow.