Terms and Conditions

relating to the use and publication of photographs by the Cork Independent

Cork Independent Newspapers Ltd., (the company) T/A the Cork Independent, receives photographs (to include¬¬ images and graphics of any type or in any format or medium) on a weekly basis. Where these photographs have been sent, unsolicited, to the Cork Independent, or as part of a public relations, media or promotional campaign, the following terms and conditions apply.

The sender, who may or may not be the originator (usually the photographer or designer) of the photograph, accepts, by sending the photograph to the Cork Independent, that they are giving full rights to the Cork Independent to publish any or all of the photographs submitted, on any or all of its platforms: print, online or on its social media sites.

The Cork Independent has the right to publish any such photographs without any payment to the sender or the originator of the photograph, and will not accept any claim for reward, acknowledgement or remuneration of any type.

The sender accepts full responsibility for any claims that may arise from the originator, or any other source, in relation to the use and/or publication of the photographs by the Cork Independent, and indemnifies the Cork Independent from any such claims.
The Cork Independent accepts in good faith, that the sender has the right to send the photograph to the Cork Independent, and in doing so is giving the right to the Cork Independent to use and/or publish the photograph.

The Cork Independent has the right to edit the photograph.
The Cork Independent has sole editorial discretion on whether or not it uses or publishes the photograph.

The above terms and conditions apply to photographs which have not been explicitly ordered or commissioned by the Cork Independent on a contractual basis at an agreed contract price.

The Cork Independent will endeavour to given acknowledgement to the originator at all times but will not accept any liability if acknowledgement is not included or is omitted.

These terms and conditions may change without notice from time to time at the sole discretion of the company on the explicit sign off of the Managing Director only.