The stroke services staff at CUH who cycled 750km as they attempt to raise thousands of euro in funding towards the creation of a dedicated stroke centre at the hospital.

Malin to Mizen for a good cause

With many worthy causes and charitable organisations continuously appealing for funds, it can be difficult to know where to invest your hard-earned donations.

However, strokes are the second biggest killer worldwide, and CUH Charity believes that this is a vital place to start.

As the charitable arm of CUH and CUMH, CUH Charity’s mission is to provide a wide range of life-saving and life-changing equipment, services and facilities for patients. One of their major transformational projects currently involves the development of a dedicated stroke centre at the busy hospital, which serves the entire region of Munster. In support of this project, a group of 30 dedicated individuals teamed up to raise thousands of euro in funding.

The group participated recently in the Malin to Mizen Head Cycle, a 750km trek over the course of four days.

Organised by Connie Wiseman of RDJ Solicitors, the group were joined on the route by a support crew of two.

A stroke is a serious medical condition that occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off. It is the third biggest killer in Ireland, and the cause of more than twice the number of deaths from breast cancer in the country.

Furthermore, due to an aging population, the number of stroke patients in Ireland is estimated to increase by 25 per cent over the course of the next five years. While most of those affected are over 65, stroke can occur at any age and equally effects men and women.

Dr Liam Healy, Consultant Geriatrician and Clinical Lead for Stroke in CUH, said: “It is wonderful to see this group of people giving up their time and putting in such extreme effort, not only to benefit what will be a vital addition to CUH, but also to raise awareness for what is one of the most deadly conditions in the world.

“We have a very clear vision when it comes to our plans for the CUH Stroke Centre.

“Aside from having a therapy suite, which will allow us to provide better and quicker inpatient rehab for our patients on the ward, we will also have the space and scope to offer single rooms to terminal patients, allowing them to die with dignity. The care provided within a dedicated stroke unit remains the cornerstone of good stroke care. In fact, entering a stroke unit directly after suffering a stroke reduces mortality and morbidity and increases the chance of returning to independence by 20 per cent, versus standard care on a medical ward.”

He added: “CUH is the Stroke Thrombectomy Centre for the Munster region and we must keep evolving to get to a position where we can offer 24/7 service. We are so thankful to those doing their bit to make this a reality and in turn, enabling us to continue our delivery of world-class stroke care to the people of the region.”

Donations can be made through the dedicated GoFundMe page at