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Glaze isn't just for doughnuts

Traditionally when we think of pastel eyeshadows, we envisage Pat Butcher-style blues and pinks. Similarly, when you chat highlighter, Bonnie Tyler’s graphic lines come to mind.

The new pastels and glazing products on the market are advanced and pretty to boot. The fashion world is filled with pastels now, with designers experimenting with soft shades in new daring ways. This inspired Huda’s creation of the Rose, Mint and Lilac palettes (€30) which give the choice of being subtle or bold whilst complimenting any skin tone.

Rose is a wearable collection of dreamy, ballet pink and blush peach mattes, delicate shimmers and sunshine yellows. This palette will suit each skin tone and take you from day to night in the sweep of a brush or a dab of your finger.

Lilac is a seductive series of dusty mauve mattes, lavender shimmers, pops of luxurious fizzy violet, a velvety apricot matte and a pop of soft coral shimmer, all designed to compliment each other and add divine dimension to the lids.

Mint is an unusual balance of warm and cool tones; this palette indulges your lids in soft mint and apple green mattes, pistachio, teal and icy aqua shimmers, a touch of honey bronze shimmer and a rich tan matte.

No glaze is complete without some popping blush. Benefit's cult-favourite golden peach blusher is back and sweeter than ever! The new 'Georgia' is a warm, vibrant peach shade with a soft, golden shimmer for a fresh-picked flush. Peachy cheeks are always in season! You can buy this in mini or regular size to update your blush wardrobe.

Highlighter powders are a great way of applying a glazed look to the skin. Iconic Bronze has launched two popping highlighters for summer for a bargain of €9. Golden Galaxy and Champagne Supernova highlighter powders create the ultimate showstopping glow. The finely milled, lightweight formula provides buildable coverage with a pearlescent finish. A quick swirl of the star embossed powders encapsulates light diffusing particles which give the perfect colour payoff, both on its own or combine with a tan.

Get a lustrous glow with Bondi Sands Glo Lights Pearl (€15). This creamy highlighter can be worn alone or mixed in with foundation for a flawless finish. I cannot express how amazing this product is for adding light, radiance and a general appearance of health to the skin. It’s like your skin, but illuminated. This is a great option if your skin loves a cream highlighter.

For a glow on a budget, I adore Rimmel Lasting Radiance Foundation. It retails at under €10. It contains the added benefits of SPF 25, creating a dewy glow on the skin that lasts all day long so whether you're working, shopping, on a special occasion, or out with the girls, you will be ready for everything. It is practical as it comes with a pump dispenser and a little goes a long way.

We can't talk about glowing unless we mention skincare and one such launch recently is by YSL Beauty. Pure Shots is a suite of skincare which will give your skin glow and finesse. I adore the formula in the Night Reboot Serum (€76). The formula is enriched with moonlight cactus flower extract, which blooms for only six hours every year and releases its sugar during this rare occasion.

The plant’s rare sugar has been captured through a cold and slow extraction process designed for YSL Beauty. The formula helps to encourage the removal of dead skin cells while simultaneously hydrating skin.