A movie set or real life?

Well, what can I say about the past few days except at various points in the day, I question whether I have actually just wandered onto a film set and nobody has noticed I am there yet.

What an absolutely strange time we are living in and it feels even stranger to be talking about style and fashion but I suppose we also need a little bit of light relief in our day-to-day lives, too. I finished up work in the city last week and I am now at that point where I really have to pause every day and think about what day it is.

It’s a bit like that period around Christmas where you have just spent three days straight on the couch eating chocolate Kimberleys and you’ve forgotten what it’s like to get dressed and have to make conversation with people. Unfortunately, we do not have the gift giving element of Christmas going on here. Although saying that, my birthday is this week! So really it is like a mini Christmas for me.

It’s such a strange time to have a birthday week with the highlight of it being that I changed my bed sheets so I would wake up the morning of my birthday in a fresh bed. Peak excitement right there. It would have been even better if someone had taken the hint and bought me new birthday pyjamas but there you go, you can’t win them all.

Being indoors with very little work to do for such a long period of time, I’ve had to come up with some activities to ease the boredom. I’ve been out walking Blanche every day, sometimes twice a day observing social distancing of course but even Blanche is growing weary of the usual walking routes we go on. I’m even considering starting a couch to 5K just so I can say I’ve achieved something at the end of all this.

I have yet to become motivated enough to download the app but watch this space guys. I’ve also started clearing one of the rooms in the house and I’m hoping it will be a good opportunity to start renovations there that we have been putting off for so long. I mean we probably won’t be able to buy paint or furniture but I’m sure it will be ready to go once we are back to normal.

I’ve also planned to do a bit of a wardrobe clear out while I’m at home so that will be a project for next week. I don’t want to have all my activities finished in the first week.

I think it will mainly consist of me bagging up my heavy knitwear and making way for t-shirts because yes, I am that hardy. It’s almost April and I am refusing to spend a second longer in giant jumpers. Probably one of the best things I’ve done while in lockdown has been to take part in an online yoga class with the fab Emer from Yoga with Emer. You can check her out on Instagram.

She guides the class through a video link and it feels like you are socialising with people while not being in the same room. It’s a great idea for anyone who is feeling a bit stressed or lonely at this time. I’m really amazed by all the great things that people are doing together online from yoga groups, gyms doing free classes online and group craft projects for all the kids and parents at home. It really shows how people are pulling together and looking out for one another.


Stay safe everyone!