Irish skincare brands are doing it better

Supporting small Irish businesses has never been more important, and while I have always championed more niche brands regardless, lately I’ve tried more skincare brands from our lovely land. Let’s look this week at skincare from some of the dynamic Irish brands that are taking over shelves in homes all over the world.

Holos Supernatural Activity Triple Lipid Replenish Cream (€42). Holos is a brand I have had quite a long love affair with. Its most recent addition to the line is called Supernatural and so far, I am impressed.

The pick for my skin type is the Triple Lipid Replenishing cream. It has skin lipid boosting for dry, dehydrated and mature skin. It also boasts active pomegranate sterols to protect against trans epidermal water loss and antioxidants for age prevention.

The cream promises skin plumping, smoothing and the prevention of ï¬ne lines. It contains plant butters, oils, flowers and essential oils of frankincense, lavender and sweet orange. It truly is a luxurious experience for dry skin.

Nami Naturale – Hand and Feet Saviour from (€21.95). Everybody is suffering with their hands right now as anti-bacterial gel, plastic gloves and more frequent washing has meant my hands are cracked and sore. Enter Nami Naturale, a brand I only discovered this year. Dry and parched hands, elbows, knees, and feet don’t stand a chance with this relief salve. Whether your skin is always dry and cracked from the weather or constant hand washing is rendering it to this state, you can rehydrate, smooth, and soothe your skin fast with this all-natural deeply nourishing organic hand and feet salve treatment.

It contains organic cold pressed wheatgerm oil, apricot kernel oil, unreï¬ned shea butter and beeswax working harmoniously to repair and quench thirsty, damaged and dry skin. It is blended with ancient healing lavender essential oil that helps soothe inflammation and reduce ruddiness of the skin while peppermint essential oil helps soothe itchiness and improve blood circulation, ensuring healthier skin.

Skin Formulas – Oil and Milk Cleanser (€30). Geraldine Jones developed innovative skincare formulas which are designed to balance your skin type and pair seamlessly with specialty treatment products to tackle your top skin concerns – truly personalised skincare solutions. My pick from the brand is the Oil and Milk Cleanser. It’s a mild daily cleanser which gently removes makeup and impurities from the skin’s surface. It glides onto the skin as a beautiful oil, once emulsified with water it melts to a conditioning milk. I use it with the Cleanse-Off Mitt for what is undoubtedly one of the most effective and comforting cleansing rituals ever.

Skingredients – Skin shield SPF50+++. If you haven’t heard of Skingredients by skin expert Jennifer Rock, then I can only assume that you have been living under one! Almost a year old, the brand has gone from strength to strength proving that what is done simply can be done well.

A capsule collection of skincare to suit all skin types, the range is flying off the shelves. I adore the SPF, which is suitable for the whole family. Skin Shield SPF 50 +++ is your lightweight, moisturising physical/mineral daily protection against UVA and UVB rays, infrared, pollution and HEV/blue light from computers and screens. Skin Shield is not only your daily broad-spectrum SPF, it’s your primer, with a peachy universal tint and a dewy finish – no need to stress about a chalky white cast and no photo flashback. I love it for the makeup free days.

Pestle and Mortar Superstar Retinoid Night Oil (€76). Pestle and Mortar has always featured quite heavily in my articles. The brand is simple, effective and a little bit of Irish luxury.

My pick from this brand is the Retinoid Night Oil. This superb night oil, which supercharges the skin while you are sleeping, is formulated using two types of retinol in a base of cold-pressed, organic and steam distilled oil. Superstar balances oil production stimulates collagen production and refines the skin’s surface without causing irritation. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and pore size, boosts collagen production and balances oil production. It really is a hero product.

To celebrate Earth Day which took place yesterday, 22 April, Codex Beauty (Bia Range) has created its own Earth Day soap, made from the scrap material that is left over when making other soaps. The soap is not for sale but will be a gift with all purchases on as well as selected retailers. Codex Beauty has 25 per cent off all orders at the minute so it's the perfect time to pick up some new skincare.