Demalogica's face masque.

Easy like Sunday morning: 1 step wonders

Humidity is not my friend. As a woman of a certain age I am finding the recent warm spell has played havoc on my makeup.

Clarins heard my call and have developed six new eyeshadow quads (€43 each) which have a built-in primer so no more oily lids or creased shadow. How? They incorporated bamboo powder into the formula which is known to help enhance make-up wear. The advantage? No need to apply a base!

These 2-in-1 eyeshadows have an integrated primer and promote perfect adhesion to the eyelids. Once applied, colour is even and instant; it will not budge. My personal favourites are the Flame and Rosewood quads which offer a good selection of colours. The shadows are blendable and pretty and easy to use even if you are a novice.

To finish off the eyes there is Brow Duo (€24). On one end, an applicator makes it possible to take up the innovative and long-wearing texture; a coloured powder that turns into a fresh, water-based gel as soon as it is applied. It is like magic!

On the other end is a brush which grooms brows with a tinted gel mascara with lasting results. Anybody with long brow hairs will be thrilled with the hold of the gel.

To make your life easier, Clarins invented Make-up Corrector Pen (€20) - a gentle make-up erasing brush you can use anywhere. Thanks to its precise felt tip, it removes unwanted traces of make-up from the eyes and the lips without touching the rest of the make-up.

It is enriched in jojoba oil which is known for its ability to nourish the skin without feeling oily. Bonus: it comes with three refills for around 300 uses in total. It is even a handy product for your desk if you need a touch up after lunch.

Most people turn to an exfoliating scrub when skin looks dull, then a hydrating masque when it feels dry. But skincare is all about finding balance – and sometimes that means simplifying our routines.

That is where the Dermalogica Hydro Masque Exfoliant (€69) comes in. It is a five-minute masque that exfoliates and hydrates in a single step. Bamboo primes skin for optimal hydration, while Snow Mushroom holds 450x its weight in water to deliver an instant hydration boost.

Hydro Masque Exfoliant soothes and renews in five minutes for luminous, healthy-looking skin and it really is a cinch to use.

We all know the iconic Aussie products at this stage. They have finally launched some products especially for blondes: a shampoo, conditioner, and treatment. The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Blonde Treatment (€7.99) helps you go from bleached-out to blissed-out in just three minutes. This super conditioner is packed with hydrating natural Australian hemp seed extract, special botanicals, and an extra kick of wicked wild plum to give you the deepest condition of your life.

Blondes have all the fun, and blondes can also have baby fine hair with Aussie Blonde Hair Hemp-athy Conditioner Spray (€7.99)! For dry, dull, and damaged hair that has lost its bling, Aussie Blonde Hair Hemp-athy Conditioner Spray is a miracle worker. Packed with hemp seed extract, the no-rinse formula gives the ultimate glow-up.

Following the success of their ground-breaking enzyme whitening toothpaste, L.A. Pacific continue to blaze the oral beauty trail with Ireland’s first CBD infused multi-action whitening toothpaste (€10.99). This latest release provides all the whitening efficacy of the original formula plus overall mouth and gum health benefits.

According to Irish Dental Association research, 80 per cent of Irish people have some form of gum disease.

L.A. Pacific Gum Health Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste is designed to promote healthy growth of gum tissue and keep your mouth clean, helping to minimise inflammation and prevent disease. L.A. Pacific have combined a blend of Californian cannabidiol (CBD), aloe vera and vitamin E with their much-lauded whitening formula. These ingredients were chosen for their gum caring abilities. The one thing I noticed about this was the fresh burst especially first thing in the morning.