Prepping for back to school

Well it’s finally here! Back to school/college time is almost upon us, and while I don’t have children to prepare for the start of the academic year, I always feel like September is like a new beginning for us all and it kind of gives us our bearings on where we are in the year.

Obviously, we are all craving some bit of normality and while I’m sure this September will be a back to school like we’ve never experienced before, it’s also nice to be attempting to get the academic show back on the road.

At this time of the year I usually would be busy with personal shopping with teachers looking to get their wardrobe ready for back to work and making that transition from casual summer wear to more formal workwear. I also would have the odd college student come to me to get a few new pieces for themselves, especially first years wanting a new look or students that are out on work placement.

However, in the current climate, I haven’t been able to take on clients but I still have a few queries about what type of things should be included in the school capsule wardrobe.

When it comes to college wear, it’s really all about comfort for those long days of studying and walking to and from lectures in potentially unpleasant weather conditions. A good coat is absolutely key, something waterproof and with a hood are two things that would be top of my list when assessing a potential purchase. As the weather gets colder, then hats and scarves are essential. I also would invest in a really good bag. One which is durable, can carry all your books and laptop if needed, and is not going to let the rain in. I’m loving this rubberised two way tote from Hunter at Littlewoods. Hunter is of wellingtons fame, so you know that bag is going to last you many years.

Having shopped with teachers for many years, I know looking smart but being comfortable is a top priority. You’re often reaching to write on the board, or occasionally sitting in a chilly class room so layers are key in what you want to be wearing. I personally think you can’t go wrong with a really fab dress. A printed day dress is great because you can wear it with a light jacket and flats for now. Then, come winter, you can layer it with heavier jackets or chunky knitwear which you could also belt to cinch in the waist.

Tights and boots are also a staple and can keep you cosy in the classroom. Midi skirts are also great worn with a light knit tucked in and I’m also partial to wearing a longer knit over a midi skirt, but again, making sure I belt it to add a bit of a silhouette. Trousers can be a little bit trickier to wear as more often than not jeans are not on the dress code but I’ve found that H&M do some great pairs that work well with a slim fitting ankle boot or with some jazzy flats.

For a more relaxed dress code, black or dark indigo denim jeans can be smartened up with a nice top and a smart jacket. If in doubt, buy some good basics and keep to a colour palette that works together so that you have plenty of options and deciding what to wear for work in the morning can be stress free.

We have enough things to worry about at the moment so what to wear need not be one of them! Best of luck to everyone returning to school this week.