Christmas shopping habits

Working in retail, I was very interested to read a new shopping survey during the week conducted by DMG Media Ireland which said that 70 per cent of people will start Christmas shopping early and will shop local. Now I’m totally not meaning this to put pressure on people as I haven’t started doing mine yet and personally won’t start till December but I have noticed myself this week that a lot of people I’ve met and coming into the shop have been purchasing their gifts.

What I also find interesting and very encouraging are the findings that consumers are keen to support the Irish economy, with an overwhelming majority (70 per cent) of respondents stating their commitment to shop on local sites for Christmas gifts this year. More than eight in ten (82 per cent) of Irish people are shopping more online than ever before with over half (55 per cent) of respondents conceding that they will commence their Christmas shopping earlier this year.

Most trust that their online order will be delivered on time (78 per cent) and they are willing to accept that deliveries may take longer coming into the busy Christmas period (86 per cent). One thing I think could be problematic with such early present buying is what do you do about the option of returns after Christmas? While most items bought in December are traditionally offered an extended return time period, what of items bought in October and November? I haven’t spoken to any retailers about this, but it would be interesting to see what will happen.

Speaking of these findings, Eleanor Hutch, Brand Content Editor at DMG Media Ireland said: “It has been the strangest year of most of our lives, but it is clear that Irish people want to enjoy a more meaningful Christmas this year. Our readers are championing local businesses and putting their money back into the Irish economy by vowing to support small Irish retailers this Christmas. It comes as no surprise that people want to begin shopping earlier, as we all are so looking forward to making the festive season extra special as 2020 draws to a close.”

With that in mind, something I’d love to receive myself or that I would gift to my many friends and family living abroad are one of the Jando Christmas bundles as it’s something special that reminds you of home. Multi-award-winning Irish printmakers Jando’s new Christmas gifting bundles are the perfect way for loved ones near and far to own a piece of home this festive season and all for under €100 per gift set.

Jando’s acclaimed range of architecturally inspired prints uniquely capture Ireland’s landmarks in their vibrant and distinctive style. Each print acts as a reminder of the fond memories we share with these locations and by choosing to gift a Jando print to a loved one this Christmas, you’re giving them a momento of that special time. You can combine a framed print with a tote or one of the Dublin art books to create a fantastic gift that anyone would love to receive.

I was discussing with someone the other day about festive gifts and really, as corny as it sounds, this year I would really love just to be able to spend time with my friends and family. There’s nothing I need but if I had to pick a few things top of my list are nice pyjamas, a dressing gown but a very nice one in luxe fabric, cosy slippers and good quality haircare.

Things that add a bit of luxury to your day-to-day life, while being practical, are also things I don’t particularly want to buy for myself and make fantastic gifts.