Excited but nervous about hitting the shops

Well, what an exciting week this has been.

With hair and beauty salons reopening, click and collect reinstated and we can finally take a trip back into the shops albeit via booked shopping appointments.

I’m of course looking forward to all this and even more excited for the following week when we will be able to properly have a little mooch around the shops, but I must say I’m also a little bit nervous too.

I think that really is only natural considering we have been going about our day-to-day business not really seeing other people and leading a very simple and chilled existence, so it can seem daunting going back to some sort of socialising with the pace of life picking back up again.

The previous week felt a bit frantic and I definitely felt pressure to be trying to book in and get appointments for hair and beauty treatments.

While I am absolutely bursting with joy to be able to get a facial, trim the hair and get my nails done, I took a step back and just booked things in gradually so that I only have one appointment per week. It seems a lot less stressful than trying to do everything at once and it means I have a little bit of pampering each week as well as spreading the cost out a little bit.

I didn’t book in a shopping appointment anywhere because I really don’t need to buy anything urgently, so I’ll just wait to pop into town next week.

I actually thought it was a bit crazy at first that people were booking appointments to get into Penneys especially when I heard some people were selling on their time slots for up to €300.

I mean if you are ticket touting a time slot to get into a shop then I urge you to take a long hard look at your life. This has neither been confirmed or denied so let’s just hope that was an exaggerated rumour.

Like, initially the idea of booking a time slot to get into Penneys just sounds mad but actually a friend of mine booked in and made a valid point that she badly needed clothes for her baby and also new underwear.

I know we can get everything online these days but lets not forget that not everyone is comfortable with online shopping and sometimes you just need to get into a shop and see the items.

That said, I definitely am looking forward to heading in there next week as I need new bed linen and to be fair I’ve gotten some great ones there in the past, plus sometimes you just need a little rummage there for a bargain.

I’m super excited about having a browse in H&M and in popping into Amari shoe boutique in town. I’ve seen so many gorgeous new shoes in their summer collection and I’m just dying to try them on.

As always folks, remember to keep the cool and be polite to anyone starting back to work this week. A bit of respect goes a long way.

Some people might not have been working in a long while and I can only imagine how daunting it must be to be heading back to the workforce.

We might have to queue a bit, wait a little bit longer to get served but essentially we will be somewhere else that isn’t our house so enjoy your day trip to the shops.