The fire took place on 9 April. Photo: Cork City Fire Brigade/Twitter

Inspections took place after fire

City Hall has been liaising with the owners of a recycling facility on the north side of Cork city after a fire broke out in April at the site.

Following notification of the fire, a member of the Environment Section staff at City Hall attended on site while fire crews battled the blaze at the National Recycling Site in Churchfield.

The purpose of this attendance was to ascertain what occurred and try to understand the causes.

This emerged at Monday’s Cork City Council meeting after local Sinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Collins asked senior management in City Hall if any inspections had taken place since the fire on 9 April.

David Joyce Director of Services Roads and Environment Directorate said: “An investigation is currently underway by the Environment Section in relation to the fire on the site. I can confirm that the site is a licensed facility and that inspections took place on 9 and 14 April 2021.

“Since the fire, the Environment Section has been engaging with the owners with a view to them undertaking a number of actions, including a clean up of the site and infrastructure,” added Mr Joyce.