It’s a new day

As restrictions begin to lift and life can get a little bit more sociable, our skin might need a little more attention and TLC.

With that in mind, this new range from Dr Hauschka could be just the ticket for get your skin prepped for summer living.

Its new Day Lotion range offers care and tailored support for every skin type and includes the newly relaunched Dr Hauschka Revitalising Day Lotion, which replaces Dr Hauschka’s Revitalising Day Cream.

It also includes the new Dr Hauschka Balancing Day Lotion and the new Dr Hauschka Soothing Day Lotion.

Revitalising Day Lotion

Made for pale, dry, dehydrated skin, this light daily moisturiser will enliven the skin and activate moisture. The silky-smooth texture has an active moisturising effect and will protect the skin all day long. Formulated with premium botanical extracts and oils, the lotion will stimulate the skin’s natural process of oil and moisture production.

Balancing Day Lotion

Ideal for oily and combination skin, this new lotion balances combination skin prone to an oily T-zone and slightly red cheeks. It will regulate blemished skin while moisturising with long-lasting effect. The formulation of botanical extracts and oils will soothe blemishes, regulate oily areas and reduce tautness.

Soothing Day Lotion

Specially formulated for sensitive and reddened skin, the new Dr. Hauschka Soothing Day Lotion will soothe the skin. Even skin that is prone to enlarged capillaries will appear less irritated. The smooth, light texture offers long-lasting protection throughout the day while the premium botanical extracts and oils will stimulate the skin’s natural process of oil and moisture production. Rose, borage and lady’s mantle extracts combine to strengthen the skin and foster an even complexion.