Keep Cork’s coastal areas clean on your 2021 staycation by using bins or taking your rubbish home.

Take your litter home

With a busy summer expected for Cork’s coastal areas, Cork County Council is calling on all staycationers to be responsible for their own waste in the coming months.

Many beaches and seaside towns and villages have already seen a huge surge in visitors during recent spells of good weather, and that is sure to continue to grow with the arrival of summer.

An unfortunate side effect of this is increased litter in some of the county’s most beautiful outdoor public spaces.

In preparation for the months ahead, Cork County Council is has proposed to embark on a public awareness campaign to highlight the issue of illegal littering.

The council is urging the public to be responsible and take their waste home with them if a bin isn’t available.

According to County Council Chief Executive Tim Lucey, there are currently 958 litter bins in the county and last year €3.2 million was spent on street cleaning and litter management.

Heightened responsibility has also been placed on businesses which contribute to the production of waste such as local shops and chippers to keep their own areas clean and to provide adequate waste facilities.