More men looking after their skin

Historically, men might not have been as diligent about skin care as women, but that’s changing! More and more, men are realising they aren’t immune to all the pollution and sun damage.

Although men have thicker skin, approximately 0.5mm thicker than women’s, it is also oilier, with larger exposed pores, and more of a tendency to break out in a sweat. Therefore, using deodorant soaps directly on the face is a practice men should avoid, as this might irritate their skin and leave a residue. Men should try a cleanser that will leave their skin feeling fresh and clean.

Michelle Ryan, National Image Skincare Trainer, suggests using Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser. “This is a really good shaving medium, packed full of vitamins and antioxidants to protect the skin,” she said.

Skin that gets shaved on a regular basis has a whole host of other problems like red bumps, ingrown hairs and dry patches. For these instances, men should remember that razor burn or cuts can be reduced by using a good cleanser, a good quality scrub every couple of days and a softening shave cream with a sharp razor, followed by a soothing moisturizer and illuminating serum.

She said: “Vital C Hydrating Water Burst can act as an after-shave balm to replenish moisture in the skin after shaving and reduce irritation.”

Michelle also recommends adding the Iluma Intense Facial Illuminator to your routine.

She added: “This serum is designed to create more clarity and glow to the skin with ingredients like tranexamic acid, glycolic acid and niacinamide. Add five drops to the skin under your moisturiser morning or evening. This will reduce redness, hyperpigmentation and marking on the skin.”

Guys do need to be mindful of not using a product that’s too harsh, as it will strip away essential oils when the skin is most vulnerable. To really up your skincare routine, Michelle recommended these products as part of a night time routine.

The Ageless Overnight Retinol Mask is a sleep in mask which uses encapsulated retinol to boost collagen in the skin and Marine collagen spheres to plump out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

“It will leave your skin feeling really hydrated and creates a brighter complexion,” she said. The Max Stem Cell Cream is a night time moisturiser which is made of up plant-based stem cells and peptides to slow down aging, repair sensitive skin and visible tighten, resulting is firmer more youthful skin. Michelle said: “It’s also deeply nourishing and hydrating for night time.”

If you or the man in your life is yet to start a skincare routine, Image Skincare’s First Class Skincare kit is perfect to get you or him on the right path. Its Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser, its bestselling Vital C Hydrating Anti-Ageing Serum 15ml and its Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturiser SPF 32+ as SPF should be a solid part of all skincare regimes.

While the same basics of skincare apply to both men and women, without a doubt men are definitely taking more notice of what’s looking back at them in the mirror these days.