Planning a welcome trip to the shops

I still haven’t pottered into town yet but I plan on making a trip at the weekend as I have a facial booked in Advanced Laser Light and I plan on hitting up a couple of my favourite shops in town like Miss Daisy Blue, Amari and of course H&M for a little high street hit.

It will be so nice to just browse around but I do find it hard to make a purchase when I can’t try anything on.

I remember the last time we came out of lockdown and I probably spent about ten minutes deliberating between two different sizes in a jumper in H&M. I am just not one of these people that will buy two size options and return one because I would probably never return the other one and I rarely go into town anymore to make said return.

Now that we are all venturing out a little bit more, my main concern is what does one wear.

Let’s face it, for May the weather has been pretty much rubbish and even when the sun is shining, I’m still feeling that nip in the air.

Don’t even get me started on the torrential downpours, please.

I’m of course religiously checking every weather app the night before as I plan my outfit but what’s a person to do when one half of the day you could be sweating and the next a pair of waders wouldn’t look out of place? When the weather is like this, I tend to keep my outfits super simple and uncomplicated so my go to outfit the past week has been an oversized blazer, band tee, loose jogger style trousers and a pair of trainers. It’s cool, chic, easy to wear and it’s just the right amount of coverage to keep you warm. Add a little bit of jewellery and you are set.

A slightly tailored jogger trouser is top of my list when it comes to pants, I’m loving wearing at the moment as it manages to have structure but also stretchy and comfortable fabric. It’s all the comfort of sweatpants but with the structure of a workwear appropriate trouser.

I’m also not willing to give up knitwear just yet even though I’ve downgraded it somewhat to finer knits instead of very chunky ones. While I’ve tended to store away my jumpers, I have kept my cardies out and paired with loose boyfriend jeans and a pair of converse. It really is a smashing laidback look that is practical but lovely and cosy to wear.

I even found a cardie with a lemon print on it on the M&S website and its like the ideal spring summer cardigan. Another look I find perfect for now and one which utilises something that I have a lot of in my wardrobe is the summer dress and ankle boot look.

I went through my wardrobe the other day and discovered so many summer dresses that I really need never buy another one. I mean I probably will, but I really need to wear what I have first.

While it’s still too cold in my opinion to rock a sandal with these dresses, I feel like I must start wearing them and I want to start wearing them because a cheery floral print is what we need right now so an ankle boot and a light jacket help me make these items perfect in between looks. Umbrella and foldable raincoat are also advised accessories!