An assessment of the roof was undertaken three years ago.

English Market roof needs replacement

A review of the roof on the English Market, which needs a massive investment, is due to take place to determine what can be done to repair it.

This came to light during a recent Cork City Council meeting after Green Party Councillor Dan Boyle ask what repairs were needed and if it was possible to install solar panels on the roof.

Paul Moynihan, Director of Services, Corporate Affairs and International Relations, said the roof is a “combination of complex structures” spanning from Grand Parade to Princes Street.

He said: “The main market roof was replaced in circa 1980 and comprises a profiles steel composite deck supported on structural steel trusses in a cantilevered format. Essentially this means that all of the weight of the roof is kept off of the walls and is borne by the central pillars.

“Consequently in its current form, the roof is not suitable for extra weight, including solar or PV. The Princes Street roof comprises pitched cement slates on timber trusses and arches with a central glazed rooflight section. Again, in its current form this would be unsuitable for extra weight.”

An assessment of the roof was undertaken in 2018 which determined that it is in need of replacement. This assessment involved an analysis of options for the replacement of all the roof structures, including structural supports.

“Dependent on the option, the cost for the replacement of the roofs was estimated to be in excess of €6 million. We are currently arranging for an update of the assessment and a review of the options with the aim of determining a preferred design solution.

“Sustainability, including the use of energy generation technologies such as solar or PV will be considered as a part of this exercise,” said Mr Moynihan.

Cllr Boyle replied: “It’s been a long time since the roof was worked on and while there is a considerable cost involved, it is a significant asset to the city and we need to have a plan in place as to when work on the roof can be done.”

Mr Monihan told Cllr Boyle it was obvious from the assessment carried out in 2018 that refurbishment and repairs to the roof are not a sustainable solution.

He explained: “While some patching could take place to prolong the life for a limited period of time, a full replacement is the ideal option and structurally that’s a very technically difficult solution to be applied to the entire roof.

“The options are being reappraised and the issues in relation to solar panels and other sustainability matters will be addressed as part of that review. It is not intended to carry out any significant repairs apart from patching in different locations as a temporary measure,” he concluded.