Live music might be back this summer! Photo: Anthony Delanoix

Top 5 activities to do in the arts

Concerts/live music

There’s nothing quite like the energy and sense of belonging felt when watching one of your favourite artists perform live in front of your eyes, surrounded by thousands of people.

This weekend France will hold its first test-concert with 5,000 people attending. Fans will be tested for Covid-19 beforehand and will wear masks at all times.

Back in March, Spain held a similar concert as part of a research project with researchers finding no sign of increased infection among attendees.

The Irish Government will be watching these events very closely with plans (we hope) to give similar Irish events the green light soon.

Please come back Tom Jones!

Cork Midsummer Festival

The Cork Midsummer Festival has without a doubt become one of our most precious cultural institutions since it began in 1997.

This year’s festival, which will take place from 14-27 June, will be a mix of online and in-person events featuring 40 world and Irish premieres and presentations of new works created by over 160 artists.

One positive outcome from Covid-19 is the endless stream of art and creativity it has inspired across the board.


We are so lucky in Cork to have the artistic community that we do, and now with our galleries having finally reopened, it’s time to get out there and celebrate beautiful things again.

Right now, the Crawford, the Glucksman and the Lavit galleries are all ready and waiting for you to come and visit.

There are always fascinating exhibitions to be seen at these galleries, both from local and international artists. It’s impossible to visit these places and not have an emotional reaction!


As with cinemas, theatres in the UK are now open with reduced capacity and strict social distancing, and it shouldn’t be too long before we see the same in Ireland.

Wouldn’t it be nice this summer to be able to turn to a friend and say, “Hey, let’s catch a show on Leeside!”?

Once it’s safe to do so, you can be sure Cork’s theatres will be ready and waiting to welcome audiences again.

In the meantime, why not enjoy some of the many brilliant online productions currently running at the Everyman and Cork Opera House?

A City and a Garden

Here’s an interesting one! Commissioned by Sounds from a Safe Harbour in association with Body & Soul, A City and a Garden invites us to don our headphones and strike out into the city.

Through smartphone technology, the project brings together some of Ireland’s most exciting writers and musicians to bring stories and songs to life as you wander your city’s streets.

This free, one-of-a-kind public art experience is taking place in Dublin and Cork as part of the national Brightening Air | Coiscéim Coiligh series of events running from 11-20 June. Sounds intriguing!

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