It’s not yet clear exactly when cinemas will reopen but when they do, we’ll be ready. Photo: Felipe Bustillo

Top five things to do indoors


Cinemas have just begun a phased reopening in the UK and Northern Ireland and it’s looking like a possible late June return in the Republic.

Either way, all going well, we will be back in theatres again in the not too distant future, and what a joy it will be.

With a mouth-watering backlog of blockbusters to get through, and a year’s worth of un-popped popcorn to feast upon, getting back up to speed with Hollywood will take some doing.

Movies like ‘The Matrix 4’, ‘Dune’, ‘Ghostbusters’, ‘Peter Rabbit 2’, ‘Jungle Cruise’, ‘James Bond: No Time To Die’, and ‘Sherlock Holmes 3’ are all pencilled in for this year alone, and there’s loads more!

Keep an eye on Twitter and on the Omniplex and Gate Cinema websites in the coming weeks for updates.


Before Covid-19 arrived, many shops in the city and around the county were really starting to struggle with more and more people shopping online.

With that in mind, it has never been more important to shop local and to support local economy as we slowly emerge from lockdown number three.

And it looks like the people of Cork are well up for it with many stores like Brown Thomas and Smyths choosing to extend their opening hours to accommodate the extra demand.

After a year of endless clicking, reading and scrolling, surely by now a well-deserved, old school shopping spree is in order.


Routine is crucial when it comes to health and fitness and since the beginning of the pandemic, that routine has been shattered for gym-goers nationwide.

Even when restrictions allowed members to attend gyms over the past year, many were understandably hesitant.

As things stand, from 7 June gyms will open their doors once again and you can be sure they will aim to keep them open.

According to, some 504,000 people in Ireland were members of 720 health and fitness clubs in 2018, generating sales of €281 million.

This number is relatively low compared to other European cities but a sharp spike in new membership is conceivable if we can stay out of lockdown.

Summer haircut

Arguably one of the most missed things over the past year and a bit have been haircuts.

Some of us waited patiently as our lockdown locks grew out of control, while others took matters into their own hands, or rather the hands of a trusted family member.

Then there was the beauty black market where out of work stylists and beauticians performed illegal house calls.

The results were varied at best with many the dodgy home job needing to be fixed by professionals when restrictions allowed.

It’s been almost three weeks now since Cork got its first proper haircut since January; maybe we’re about due another.

Having friends over

It might sound obvious, but the thought of hosting friends again without breaking any Covid rules is actually quite a big deal.

From 7 June, visitors from one other household are permitted to gather indoors in Ireland, no questions asked.

This could mean a delicious dinner party, a popcorn and movie night or a summer sleepover for the kids. Whatever form it takes, it’s a very welcome slice of normality.

According to, hosting friends is a massive mood booster whose effects can stay with you long after the dishes are washed.

Time to get the good china out!

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