Darragh Lynch, Director of Uccello Designs, and Maura Maycock who suffers from orthopaedic problems including osteoporosis and has been using the Uccello kettle. Photo: marc o’sullivan

Cuppa? Put the kettle on!

By Geraldine Fitzgerald

A steaming cuppa gets much of the population going in the mornings, and to perk up we need to be able to safely handle a kettle full of boiling water.

That’s a challenge if you have restricted mobility.

The Uccello Kettle is a clever piece of kit just launched onto the Irish market that allows people with medical conditions, disabilities, or limited arm strength to safely pick up and pour without doing themselves a mischief.

The unique design features a non-weight bearing tilt and pour mechanism, enabling users to pour hot water without actually having to pick the kettle up.

Originally developed in Australia by three cofounders, including Irishman Darragh Lynch, the kettle came into being when a co-founder’s Dad was diagnosed with arthritis and struggled with lifting.

Lynch’s recent return to his native country brought the launch of the Uccello Kettle to the Irish market. It’s an ideal new product for a nation famously fond of a nice cup of tea, and perfect for people with arthritis, Parkinson’s disease or any other conditions that limit mobility and strength.

Mr Lynch said: “Being able to safely make a cup of tea or coffee for yourself is a hallmark of independent living but many people struggle with the weight of a kettle full of water, due to medical conditions or just limited strength as we age. The Uccello Kettle is a daily living aid that makes life easier.”

Uccello Designs partner with various disability organisations including Arthritis Ireland and the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association and is collaborating with researchers at NUI Maynooth in a bid to identify the most common mobility issues people face that limit independent living at home.

A whole suite of daily living aids is being developed to address these needs, with launch dates planned in 2022.

Currently, the Uccello Kettle is stocked by several retailers in Ireland including Homecare Medical and Expert Electrical and is available to purchase directly at uccellodesigns.ie at a cost of €65 including delivery.

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