David McCourt, Chairman of National Broadband Ireland. Photo: Brian Arthur

Making remote work accessible

A new partnership enabling remote working and community development has just been announced in Ireland.

The partnership sees National Broadband Ireland (NBI) join forces with Grow Remote, a not for profit organisation making remote work visible and accessible through employment.

The two organisations will collaborate on initiatives to empower people to work remotely and encourage sustainable community development nationwide.

The announcement follows the Government’s pledge to provide €75 million for landmark regeneration projects in rural communities as part of its €1 billion Rural Regeneration and Development Fund.

NBI is responsible for designing, building and operating Ireland’s new high speed fibre to the home network under the National Broadband Plan (NBP).

It is understood the new infrastructure will span more than 96 per cent of Ireland’s land mass and will connect over 1.1 million people across 544,000 homes, businesses, farms and schools.

Recognised as one of the largest and most ambitious projects of its kind globally, the NBP aims to ensure every person in Ireland has access to high-speed connectivity.

Commenting on the announcement, David McCourt, Chairman of NBI, said people with the imagination and determination to improve their futures are the driving force behind all sustainable community development.

“Together, both NBI and Grow Remote can play a role in making that happen and we hope to encourage others to join us,” he said.

Tracy Keogh, Grow Remote Co-Founder, said the new partnership is reflective of the collaboration that's happening across the public, private and voluntary sector.

“It's one that is needed if we are to accurately identify challenges and build solutions that fulfil the potential of rural Ireland,” she said.

According to Ms Keogh, making remote jobs accessible and visible to local communities will contribute to the transformation and revitalisation of towns and villages across Ireland.

A primary goal of the partnership is to ensure that Ireland has a best in class remote working ecosystem with a highly skilled, remote-ready workforce.

It is believed remote working has the potential for wider social transformation, leading to improved diversity and inclusion by providing equal access to opportunities for everyone, regardless of where they live.

Grow Remote has over 60 local remote working chapters in Ireland.

For more information visit growremote.ie.

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