Founders of The Saoirse Foundation, Mary and Tony Heffernan, at the launch of their new regional ambulance service, BUMBLEance#15. Photo: Noel Browne

Charity supporting families

By Geraldine Fitzgerald

The team at The Saoirse Foundation had some good news to share recently.

It has launched a new regional children’s ambulance service, BUMBLEance #15 which will operate and service those from the southeast region. The new vehicle will be based in West’s manufacturing facility in Waterford.

BUMBLEance is a state-of-the-art ambulance service designed and tailored exclusively for children to provide free, safe and comfortable transportation for Ireland’s youngest patients who require transportation between their home and children’s hospitals, hospices, national paediatric treatment centres, and respite centres nationwide.

BUMBLEance founders, Tony and Mary Heffernan are delighted to have the southeast region BUMBLEance up and running,

Tony said: “Our charity is about supporting families, but more importantly it is about trying to support them locally. We are growing our regional base, so people all around Ireland can see what they are fundraising money for, as their money will be going straight to those down the road.”

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